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November 16th, 2009 15:42

The Broncos game positives and negatives


O Line: After many weeks of just playing peewee football, the O line put together a decent performance. JC still got sacked a few times. But overall I liked what Levi Jones and Chad Rinehart aka the Rhine did against a very good D line. I just don't want to see Mike Williams back in there again and hopefully we will see some continuity at the O line for the rest of the season. Their performace was mediocre but that is a positive for the skins.

Running backs: I liked how Betts hit the holes in full speed and cartright isn't too shabby either. The one block that Ganther had on a blitzer tells me that he is a solid player as well.

Hunter the Punter: That was an exciting play. Rolling right, faking a throw to the right and then throwing downfield on the left. Nice Job! His punts weren't too shabby either.

Shaun Suisham kicking field goals: The guy hasn't missed one this season. Can't complain.


Campbell: Other than the obvious overthrow to Moss he had few other throws that were inaccurate. I felt he was pressing a little bit and walked up into the pocket and eventually got sacked or taken down when he had protection. He just does not have any confidence on the O Line. It's understandable after getting hit so many times in the past few weeks, that he does not trust his O line. I give him credit for makins some tough throws while getting hit.

D-Hall: He is an ultimate mixed bag. He gets interceptions and he is really gifted in returns after interceptions. On the other hand he ended up pitching the ball  back to Landry on that interception return which was fumbled initially by Landry. I've read last year the Zorn does not like these laterals. D-Hall seems to me a person who'd undermine his coach and do his own thing.

D-line: Orton had all day to throw those long bombs.

Zorn: Should have kicked the field goal instead of going for the 4th and 1. Also, that stretch run play does not work on a 4th down. We have tried it like 3 times this season on 4th down play and it never worked. that play should be scratched from the playbook.

LineBackers: We are giving up a lot of rushing yardage and the linebackers are either getting blocked by the oppositions scheme or they are not putting themeselves in a good position to tackle running backs.


Carlos Rogers: I posted last night about his performance and comments after the game. What a tool!

Smoot @ safty: On that long touchdown play he just made a bone-headed play. He ran up to the wrong reciever on his side when Brandon Marshall should have been covered. Brandon Marshall is one of the premier recivers in the league. If he is on your side you cover him.

Shaun Suisham kicking off: 2 kick-offs out of bounds. That is just not cool.

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