Washington Fans Demand Dan Snyder Sell The Team

The Washington Commanders need a new owner.

For 8,733 days and counting Washington fans have been suffering through Dan Snyder's terrible decisions.

He has been an incompetent team owner. This franchise and it's fans deserve better.

Time Until March 2023 NFL Annual League Meeting

Potential New Owners

These are the rumored bidders for the Washington Commanders (so far)

Jeff Bezos

Amazon Founder and Chairman

John W Henry

Liverpool and Boston Red Sox owner

Matthew McConaughey

Actor and Commanders fan

Jay Z

Rapper and Business Man

WFT Record Under Snyder

Current and past records under the ownership of Dan Snyder.

Click on a season to view the lows (and very few highs) fans have lived through.

(Scroll right to view previous seasons.)

Win/Loss vs NFC East Under Dan Snyder

Overall win percentage shown vs the rest of the NFC East

The record speaks for itself

Game Attendance In Dan Snyder Era

It's no secret that attendance at Fedex field has steadily declined over the years.

Despite attempts by the Dan Snyder and the Commanders to hide their attendance figures, it's obvious that Washington fans are checking out.

Dan Snyder bought a franchise that owned and built it's own stadium with over 91,000 seats. That average home game attendance is now down to 57,899

One Dedicated Washington Sports Fan's Dying Wish

Obituary from October 2022 that mentions Dan Snyder. This was posted in a newspaper in the eastern shore

Jimmy ... was a lifelong fan of all things related to DC sports, with the exception of Daniel Snyder, who he often referred to by names and in terms that cannot be printed here. Along with the health and happiness of his family and friends, he wished for nothing more than for Snyder to sell the Washington Commanders

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