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November 23rd, 2009 18:20

Not sure what to think of the game against the Cowboys Positives and Negatives

Skins pretty much dominated the entire game and should've won the game. But our inablilty to score TD's is not new. This year could be a record  setting year for the skins to score fewest points. Now with two more starters out who were backups to start with we are running out of bodies in O' line and running back. This has been a bizarre season in terms of injuries. Silver lining is Rock is running with passion and Anothony Montgomery is not a big drop off from the Rhino.


Secondary: The entire secondary was awesome. Nice bonce back from the last game with no mental errors.

Jason Campbell: I saw him getting better with the quick throws. He is still a bit inaccurate when he throws on the run, but he made some heads up play under constant assault.

Rock Cartwright: Hard, fearless running by Rock.



LineBackers: They had a solid game but the two drop by Flecher and Rocky could have helped us in a tight game. There is no excuse for LB's not to catch the ball. I remember reading that Bellichick has a special drills for linbackers to intercept balls. Maybe, Skins should adopt that.

O Line: performed ok due to the fact that except for Dockery every one is a backup or should be a backup(Heyer). But JC had to scramble to make a lot of the plays.



Shawn Suisham: No swish for Suisham this week. Don't choose to have an off night on the day the game is very close. C'mon, man.



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