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December 14th, 2009 15:45

Jason Campbell clearly the MVP of this team

It appears that Jason Campbell has turned a corner and improved his game to a level that he can be considered as a really good QB in the NFL. The way he has been playing the last few games tells me that something has clicked in his head. He is doing the things that he has not done consistently before. He is being decisive, stepping up the pocket while looking down-field and correctly throwing to the hot read when he is blitzed. Oh, he is also throwing the long balls much better. Although there has been some improvement in the O-line, I feel that he is still getting hit a lot and he is still scrambling for his life. But he is making plays that I have seen big time QB's make.

JC had good stretches of games before but this feels different. This is not the first 8 games of 08 season or the Gibbs era, where Campbell would throw away too many of the balls out of bounds or only make safe passes. This feels different. This feels good.

With the potential high 1st round draft pick next year and Vinny interviewing Clausen I have a feel that Redskins management will decide to let JC go. This would be a grave mistake and set the franchise back 3/4 years. Snyder, do not let Vinny do this.

We have already developed the franchise QB. He is showing his metal right now. His name is Jason Campbell.

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