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December 15th, 2009 15:12

Grades from the Raiders game

Overall, good grades this week. 



JC: Awesome game.  A+

Devin Thomas: A

Santana Moss: B. Too many drops.

Fred Davis: B+. Stop dancing in the endzone

Ganther/Mason/Rock: A

(Most point scored in a long time. What can I say. Everyone gets a good grade)



Orakpo,Carter: A (They are managing to get themselves some sacks without Haynesworth)

Landry: A solid C+. The + is for the interception. The guy cannot be a free safety because he can't stop the double moves and the guy cannot cover opposing running backs/tight ends one on one when they are lined up as receivers. Blache predicted a pro-bowl year for Landry. This is not how pro-bowl safties play.

London Fletcher: A. solid, dependable, as always.


Special Team:

Gano: A+ Seemed accurate. Definitley an upgarde in kickoffs. They guy has a strong leg. I was againt the Suisham cut. If this  guy ramains accurate, this was a good move by Vinny.

Randell El: F. He should not be returning punts. 

Lorenzo Alexander: A+ , had some awesome tackles. 


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