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December 8th, 2009 15:11

DSMG mentioned in Washington Post

I was interviewed last week by Robert McCartney of Washington Post. Basically he wanted to know about what I thought of John Riggins' comment and what I thought of his philanthropic activities in the area. Following is an excerpt from the article:

Still, Snyder's reputation has hit bottom this season, partly because of the team's 3-8 record going into Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints at Fedex Field. Unhappy fans unfurled a "Worst Owner Ever" banner at the last home game, Nov. 14, and several anti-Snyder blogs have sprung up. Former Redskins star John Riggins, now a broadcast commentator, accused Snyder of being "a bad guy" and a person "whose heart is dark."
Even Tanveer Chowdhury -- a founder of the blog Dan Snyder Must Go -- who thinks Snyder is "very arrogant," saw Riggins's comment as "a little too much." Of Snyder's philanthropy, Chowdhury said, "That's a great thing, but my issue with him is how he runs the team."

Here is the link to the article.

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