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November 13th, 2009 04:38

Champ Bailey best corner of the decade and we let him go

Showtime's Inside the NFL is creating a Team of the Aughts. Basically the team of this decade. Warren Sapp, Phil Sims and Chris Collinsworth picked Champ to be the best CB of the decade over Ronde Barber, Ty Law, Troy Vincent and Charles Woodson. He has gotten 55% of the votes on the website as well.

So if you're the redskins and your record shows you rarely if ever draft good players but for a change you end up with a sure shot  who, even at the time, was being touted as the best corner of his class. He lives up to the hype by going to the pro bowl 4 times. Not once, not twice, but four freaking times in his first five years and what do they do? They trade the guy.

Can anyone tell, I still haven't recovered from this trade.

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