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November 16th, 2009 14:42

Carlos Rogers benching

Carlos Rogers just irks the hell out of me. First of all he was picked by Vinny/Coach Gibbs with DeMarcus Ware and Merriman on the board and secondly he never really owns up to his own faults. Following comments by C.R. reported by WashPost's Skins Insider are just wrong on so many levels

"I gave up the first one," Rogers said. "It was a double-move. After that I didn't play no more. After that, it was on whoever it was. I really didn't pay attention."

"It's nothing new to me," Rogers said. "Anything that happens around here ain't nothing new to me. I went through it last year. I was benched after the first half of the season I had. ... "I didn't really worry about it, and I'm not really going to think about it. I ain't even going to think about no future here."

These comments tells me that:

He does not have confidence on himself to defend double moves. His comments almost sounds like, it was a double move, what do you expect.

Him not paying attention rest of the game tells me that he has given up on this team and his teammates and the last sentence really proves that in his mind he has clocked out for this season.

I truly believe that Rogers is playing for the Skins because of a strategic blunder by Vinny/Coach Gibbs. I mentioned it in this post regarding Champ Bailey trade and how we ended up getting Springs and Rogers just to fill up the void created by Champ leaving. Dan Diedroff also mentioned in the game  that you almost never see a sure shot hall of famer being traded in the NFL. Anyway, I digress.

Not only should Carlos be benched by the coach he should also be penalized by the team for these comments.

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