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December 4th, 2009 04:00

bit late but my take on the Philly game

Been busy this week and did not get a chance to blog. So here's the weired part about last game, I am now satisfied with just moral victory. Our losses were so painful early in the season that now if I see a game where we are competitive, I am happy. This is what we call lowering your expectation in the business.

I thought JC played real well and there is a visible difference in his game than what I saw earlier in the year. He is making the decision faster.

Landry's awful tackling continues. This is just pathetic how our esteemed defensive coaches are just unable to fix such glaring defect in his game. I have my theory about his game this season, which I will blog about in future.

Injuries, IR, that's the story of this season. The weird thing is we are actually playing better after most of the injuries happened to our starters. What does that tell you about our starters?

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