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November 16th, 2009 05:40


You're facing a fourth down situation late in a game against an opponent that you will most likely face if you were to make the playoffs.

The good news is that you're up by 6. Your defense is ranked 6th overall in the league in passing so Payton Manning (on the other end of the field) should have his hands full if he's aiming for that come back win.

Common sense dictates you punt the ball and trust your defense to secure the win.

Not if you are Bill Belichick.

If you are Bill then you think to yourself, I have the best quarterback and wide receiver in the league. Heck, I have the second overall offense in the league. I can get two yards when I have to, right? So, Belichick chooses to do something that could be perceived by casual observers as "piling on."

He chose to go for it.

In all honesty, it did seem from the camera angles like it was Tom Brady who was pushing for them to go for it and Belichick who looked like he was acquiescing, but that will have to be cleared up in the ensuing press conferences.

For now it looks like Bill Belichick gave into the whims of his excited quarterback and cost his team a much needed win against an opponent ahead of them in the race for home-field advantage.

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