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December 18th, 2009 19:55

And the next Redskins Head Coach is

Okay, I don't know either but here's a rundown (and I'll update this as time goes on) of the potential coaching candidates being talked about:

Mike Shanahan is reportedly being interviewed for the position and seems to currently be the leading candidate. Even our (completely unscientific) poll shows our readers leaning in this direction.

I'll admit, I like the Shanahan option and hope it works out, especially given the unappealing alternative of John Gruden that's being floated out there. The Gruden rumor seems to be more about the hiring of Bill Allen (and his history of hiring Gruden) than anything the Redskins have done or alluded to.

I also don't think the volatile Gruden can get along with the owner long enough to make it through a season. Remember he (eventually) ran Tony Dungy's Buccaneers into the ground after alienating the good players on the team. Not to mention the quarterback situation was a fiasco during his time in Tampa.

Secondary coach Jerry Gray is also being floated as a candidate. Why this would be, especially given the last time they hired a coach that low on the totem pole and how that turned out, I have no idea (Zorn anyone?). This is probably to satisfy the Rooney rule which stipulates that minority candidates should be interviewed for each head coaching position that becomes available.

Not sure why all these coaching candidate names are being floated now with three weeks left in the season. I mean what are they gonna do after they make the decision, bring him in now to take over for the rest of the season? No, this is probably to further dare Jim Zorn to quit and save Dan Snyder a pile of money in the process.

I'll update this post with more as I come accross it. If anyone hears anything send it in to us at contact@dansnydermustgo.com or post it in the comments below.

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